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To promote the right of all persons to freely exercise and decide on their sexual and reproductive life by developing social and political actions that, with a gender perspective, allow the comprehensive development of women and men and ensure the access to public and quality sexual and reproductive health services, education and information.


The FPFE visualizes a world where all women, men and young people have access to all the information and services they need. A world where sexuality is recognised as a natural and precious aspect of life and as an essential human right. A world where decisions are fully respected and where stigma and discrimination find no space.


  • Raise awareness in society.
  • Create pressure on public decision making bodies to adopt the required measures to ensure sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  • Work from different action fields: advocacy, investigation and training, delivery of services aimed to cover unmet needs in sexual and reproductive health -especially for young people and teenagers-, sexual education, and awareness campaigns on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues.

Our values

With our actions we pursue the promotion and free exercise of sexual and reproductive rights for every person, especially for underserved groups such as women and young people, while proposing a critical look on the current situation of the socio-health sector.

With a deep commitment to the promotion of these rights, we advocate for high-quality services in sexual and reproductive health, an efficient service delivery, and the full access to these services for all persons and in all stages of their lives.

We express our message in favour of reproductive and sexual rights, health and free choice in all opinion, discussion, technical and scientific forums in which we participate.


«We work for the promotion, defence and free exercise of sexual and reproductive rights of individuals.»


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